A Declaration of Sound

by Aviations

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Thanks to everyone who supported us making this record. This was a very important step towards our future musical career and we couldn't be happier with how this turned out. We hope you feel the same way. Please, if you love what you hear let us know, share it with your friends, and download it above. Thanks again!


released October 13, 2012

Aviations is...

Adam Benjamin: Vocals
Sam Harchik: Guitar
James Knoerl: Drums

Written and Recorded by Aviations
Mixed by Sam Harchik
Produced by Sam Harchik & James Knoerl
Drums tracked by Mick Maslowski at Zoinga Recording
Mastered by 4D Sounds
Airplane Design (on front) by Eric Minaker

Special Thanks to:
Morgan Williams (guest vocals on track 1)
Arlo Fierman (bass on track 2)
Dan Wieten (guest solo on track 4)
Dave Wolfberg (guest solo on track 5)
Max Harchik (upright bass on Track 5)
Ryan McKinnon (piano on tracks 1, 4, 5, & 6)




all rights reserved


Aviations Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Nineties Nine Ties
Silently free these mysteries,
(wrapped in barred like cages)
Turn to things that we can’t conceive
Expending dark ties, no reach
Searching for nothing, finding out some things,
(With only theories)
Streaming thoughts down collectively
While they don’t know they don’t follow
What’s in their heart.

For centuries, we’ve believed
Beyond the edge of emptiness

Free these obnoxious ties
Let passion be your guide
Never strip yourself of a badge
Protect it like nothing you have ever had
Always adding up, forever fulfilling us

When winter snow lays it tries to battle you
For who’s colder in my mind
When winter snow lays it tries to battle you
For who’s colder in my mind

This time we choose,
What the world has done for us,
Or our lives will be used
We cannot hesitate
Our hands made of steel
With unstoppable force
Work the bones turn the wheels

This time we choose
Or our lives will be used
Track Name: I. Voyages
When will you stop fighting?
Changing soon only cures some things
And right now, it’s your vows
Right now, get your crown!

Somewhat mysterious
Was the time it took for us
To make it or give in
Just to make it roam home,
Make it roam home
We’re breaking through tonight.

Just to make it roam,
Just to make it roam home tonight.

How will we ever hear them
If were not even listening
Can’t decide where to turn
Oh there’s no hope in
Feeding the flames!
Striking fear into the hearts of the innocent
We are nothing more,
More than casualties of everything that they create!

Go. Go. Go.

Just to make it roam, just to make it roam alone.

Open your eyes to see a wasted existence!

Wake up and breathe this dusty air,
I don’t have time for your blank stares
That you must distribute,
Destroying doors
While we adventure yours

Just to make it roam,
Just to make it roam on home tonight
Just to make it roam,
Just to make it roam alone tonight

Somewhat mysterious
Was the time it took for us
To make it, or give in
Just to make it roam home,
Make it roam home alone!

Struggling fearsome rose,
Stricken but sheltered it grows
Withered with broken toes
That’s how this story must go…
Track Name: III. Raised Expectations
Reaching for paradise,
This time we’ll leave the past behind
Wandering away
From things that kept us safe
This can’t be our fate
We’ve been forsaken with no escape
Fallen from the stars,
Overcoming our flaw,
To prove we have what’s ours

Want it all.

Is it true that this reality,
Brings you no pain or suffering
This world was never meant to feast
On the beauty of humanity

Shadows wait to be watched as I make moves
On my way
Fallen from the stars,
Overcoming our flaws,
Yet we still have these scars

Though these winds have made us so dull
I can’t be the one to let them know
Seriousness has never been so faded
Believe beliefs of anyone liberated

The truth that has us torn inside and out
With lies revived we can bring about
Our plans to obliterate
What the past cause the future to survey
It’s uncomfortable and honestly just let it go

Shadows waiting they watch as we make moves
On our way
Fallen from the stars,
Overcoming all odds,
Now we must venture on

We must venture on
Track Name: Intents In Tents
Out of time and while out of line
Give them something to fall behind
I’ve gone completely blind
No, we’ve gone completely blind
What eyes recall have been distorted
With disappointment being converted
To our fabricators fortunate failure

Something more than life,
Something more than our mission
Complain for this was not possibly our decision

There’s been darker clouds
On days that had us crowded in nothing but doubt
The sun is shining through

The sun is shining through
To cast away the sinister path
And ease the journey and it’s crew
Onto a new and rewarding task

What you say can’t replace your acting face
It hasn’t been too long since we started
On the pleasant debate,
On the pleasant debate
To work and fall and work and fall again
To trek on through and kidnap space
Till the world sees us as no one but
The ones who had set everything straight
Track Name: Outliers
Take one second to look,
Be afraid of what we retook,
See the light inside hurry yourself confide
A life worth living

Hold on, hold on to your hope

Our spirit has endured this pain for far too long
These limitations on our minds are merely calculated lies,
Stay thoughts echoing rationality (rationality)
Bring beliefs to life

Stand beneath starlit skies,
In order to comprise
Every meaning
Finished in between the space of two frames
It’s been replaying

You can’t hide from gold,
You’ve done nothing wrong though
You can’t hide from gold,
Don’t let yourself gloat
Allow the tide to turn in
Dare not let the Lexus win
Olive tress must proceed to be
On this planet to succeed

Windows frighten you all
Windows frighten you all

Holding stories away with arms that we can make free
Together in harmony
That’s how it was when we were meant to be (when we were meant to be)
Persistent thoughts that tribute to passion from you
Passion from you, passion from you

There goes my eyes.
There won’t be a place without sun,
With a will to wait and a heart to run
There goes my eyes
Take one!
Second just to see
Let Go!
Free these memories
There's Hope
Buried in yourself confide.

Our spirit has endured this pain for far too long
Though accomplishments that signify the end,
Of shaken and mistaken times
Play on thoughts leave this tamed society
But who are we to judge

(We all are open now)
We all are open now

Build this up
With hands of steel
Bring me back to life of growth